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This is FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4013 Clockwork Mania, a 6th year team with 31 students and 7 mentors. Besides FRC we also participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge, and Doolittle Institute's Mini Urban Challenge...


  • Summer Camp 2017 Summer Camps
    Clockwork Mania's annual summer camps are returning this year. Students ages 9-13 are able to attend a robotics and STEM week long camp. Students will learn the basics of programming using the Lego EV3 & Minsdtorm sets. They will also participate in hands-on STEM activities, such as building rockets and towers or delving into forensic sciences, which encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • 2016 Championship World Championship
    The team earned an invitation to attend the World Championship April 19th-22nd, 2017. Follow the link to learn about the team's journey.
  • Meizen High Japanese School Exchange
    A group of students from Meizen High School in Japan visited Orlando Science Schools. The robotics team had the opportunity to spend the day with the visiting students sharing STEM activities.


Our team meets year round allowing us to do more than building robots.

About our team

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4013 better known as Clockwork Mania is a 6th year team. In our short time in FIRST we have participated in the FIRST World Championship five times. Our students also participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge and Mini Urban competitions.